Layla 1.6 Quartz Stone Bath


Layla 1.6 Quartz Stone Bath


L: 1615mm

W: 800mm

H: 555mm



Layla Quartz Stone Bath!

Why Quartz Stone Bath?

Built To Last.

Retains Heat.

An Elegance That Never Goes Out Of Fashion.

A stone bath is built to last and is made to be extremely strong, stronger than granite in the case of the stone baths. The stone will not crack or split and if there is an accident and the bath is somehow damaged they can often be easily repaired. However, damage is rare and this is a bathtub that could last you a lifetime, especially if you take good care of your stone bath; keep it clean and it will repay you in longevity.

Stone naturally retains heat, so you’ll be able to enjoy longer warm baths without running the hot tap several times. The stone freestanding bath stops the heat from escaping and you can spend as long as you want in the bath without having to worry about water wastage or additional heating.

If you want a bathroom with the wow factor, which informs guests that no expense was spared, then investing in a stone freestanding bath is the ideal option for you. These baths scream elegance and luxury; they are perfect for contemporary bathrooms, spa bathrooms and are even found in five star hotels around the world.


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