Using larger tiles such as 600×1200 Large Format Tiles result in fewer and significantly thinner grout line. This gives you an almost seamless look. These tiles are ideal for renovating floors and walls and can even be tiled to the old surface. It covers a variety of surfaces including floors, walls, worktops and even curved surfaces. Because of the thin grout lines, the 600×1200 large format tiles are also easier to maintain. They are available in a variety of finishes, including concrete, marble, stone and high polish porcelain, and can be mixed and matched with smaller tiles or tiles with different shapes to achieve a variety of interesting designs.

  • 600×1200 Mystic Grey Ritzy Range Porcelain + Cement & Grout600×1200 Mystic Grey Ritzy Range Porcelain + Cement & Grout Quick View
  • 600×1200 Supreme Onyx + Cement & Grout (R429.90/m2) Quick View